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Why You Should Never Chase A Guy? 7 Reasons Not To Do This, Even If You Really Want To!

Do not chase the guy! There are 7 reasons why you should not do this, even if you really want it. Do not chase after those who are indifferent to you. Otherwise, you may be traumatized and you risk being alone. Answer 7 of my questions and decide for yourself whether it’s worth chasing guys?

The most important rule, which is not questioned, and, unfortunately, does not change: if he does not reciprocate, then he is not interested in you. If he wanted, he would find time and opportunity for you to be together.

I know that you are probably tired of rejection and disappointment, and you don’t even want to chase anyone else, because you will be afraid to be rejected. You are likely to surrender. And you will be right. But I’m not a feminist and I’m not saying that you have to wait without doing anything.

I’m just saying that you have to have dignity and wait until the person you need comes to you. Wait for someone who is worthy of you. Wait for someone who will truly love you, someone who will take care of you. If he is truly interested, he will find a way to attract your attention, and you will be glad you did nothing.

So keep reading “Why you should never chase a guy”, and enjoy the fact that he will chases you:

1. Do you want to grow old?

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Waiting will take a long time. And are you sure you need to wait for him? First, if he likes you, he must be sure of it. If he doubts, it means that he is indecisive, but rather, looking for someone better. Fool!

Do not let anyone play the tough guys, because you deserve someone who will look forward to being with you, someone who wants to spend their free time with you.

2. Do you want to doubt yourself?

If you chase after someone who doesn’t interested in you, it can undermine your self-esteem. And if you really love this guy, then you will not be able to recover from such an mental injury soon. You will consider that you do not deserve his attention. But this is not so! You deserve much more!

3. You can’t keep a wolf in a cage, agree?

If a man needs to be run, then he does not want to be caught. Maybe he wants to be alone? Maybe he feels comfortable when changing girls? Most likely, he does not want to become attached to anyone. He will be able to leave at any moment. Why do you need such a relationship? You must be alone for a man for life! You should not even pay attention to others.

4. Do you want to complicate everything?

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Whoever says anything, but the world is not so complicated. Love must be mutual. If not, forget about him. If he loves you, then you don’t need to run after him, he will always be near. Everything is simple.

5. Why do you have to change for the worse?

When you think only of this person, you do not have time for anything else. This applies to both your personal affairs and your friends. And if things can wait (to a certain limit), then friends can begin to be offended that you did not come to the meeting on Tuesday or forgot about the dance lesson on Friday. Return to normal life, do not change your family and friends to someone who does not even notice your existence.

6. And maybe it’s all about sex?

If you manage to “catch” someone you like for a while, and then he disappears again, then most likely he needs only one thing. Sex. Yes, and there is no need to harbor illusions that he has changed and will reciprocate.


7. Do you dream of one-sided love?

Even if you “catch” such a man and you begin to live together, do not rejoice. As soon as he gets tired, you will bother him or he will find another girl, believe me, he will leave. There will be no happiness in such a relationship.

Moreover, most likely you will solve problems and bear responsibility for everything that happens in your life. Do you need it? Was this your dream of a long and happy family life? Yes, you will do everything for him, and he? And he will be there only because he has not found (until he found) anyone better.

Do you really want to chase a guy who does not love you? Who will only use you for their own purposes? You won’t even think about any tenderness and care. And most importantly, remember, guys don’t change. Never. And you will surely meet someone who will love you, who will cherish you, give flowers. And he will give you happiness, not a broken heart.

Patricia Walker

Written by Patricia Walker

For many, many years I tried to get married, but before the wedding it never came... Now I live with two cats and give tips to young girls, what men want, how to behave with them. This experience I received for 10 years and now I pass it on to you, my dear readers.

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